Artist Statement
My work focuses on the interplay of lives and the concept of life-balance.

I explore the circle as a resolved but potentially irregular shape, representing both the balance and variety we all strive for in our lives. How is wholeness achieved and what tips the circle off center? What distracts from the main circle? Does wholeness come at the price of predictability?

The vibrant dialogue between shape, color, and pattern invites viewers into the work. The colors activate the imagination; they influence and play off each other in order to shift and tilt planes of information. Overlapping transparencies create the illusion of distance and scale, as well as deepening relationships between shapes.

Rather than print editions I use relief, monoprint, and collagraph techniques to make unique images from the same plates without being redundant; a potential template for life-balance. 

Varying plate order, orientation, and color transparency creates altered states of an idea. Working in this manner reflects my thought process; a stream of consciousness and an embrace of chance. This links my disparate ideas in a logical way. Reworking the plates and thinking of each print as an individual thought allows me to experiment with achieving a balance between intuitive and intentional decisions. Being in the studio and making decisions through the act of printing is critical to the resolution of the image. In this manner making the work becomes a journey of balance in and of itself.